RHONDA KINARD was born and raised in Oakland, California, and she started playing guitar when she was 16 years old. Things really clicked for her when she started playing jazz bass guitar in college. She has toured and performed at a number of US venues and festivals including Slim’s SF, the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and the National Queer Arts Festival.

Rhonda has recorded with a variety of groups in styles ranging from progressive rock to hip-hop. A song she recorded with Seth Chapla Band was included on the video game Rocksmith in 2011. Her biggest influences are Motown bassist James Jamerson, Stevie Wonder, gospel, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her favorite styles to play are jazz, funk, and salsa, and she's an excellent soul bassist.

Rhonda plays guitar, upright bass, and electric bass in several projects based in the Bay Area. She'll spend some time touring with Dill Billy in 2019. Contact her if you have a cool project and need a seasoned, and dependable player who is always in the pocket.